Hey there, my Pups!I I'm moving my Patreon over to my Ko-Fi - it allows easier access to my gallery while offering one-time or continuous support! One Pepsi equals $1!

One (1) Can of Thank You! 

A can is just enough to satiate me for a little while; every little bit counts. Thank you kindly, friend.

Two (2) Cans for a Sticker

For those more inclined to collect stickers, two cans of Pepsi equals a sticker of your choice! If you are a monthly subscriber, you may collect your sticker once a season - first of Spring, first of Summer, ect. You can collect your sticker at a convention I'm attending or contact me through my website or on Twitter to provide your mailing address.

Three (3) to Eight (8) Cans for a Head Sketch

Three cans of Pepsi is just enough to convince me to draw a headshot of your character! It will be either in blue or gray graphite and each sketch will be added to my loving collection in the Gallery. If the donation is $6 - $8, the sketch will become inked.

Nine (9) to Fourteen (14) Cans for a Bust Sketch

A more sustainable amount of caffeine is great fuel for a bust of your character! Same rules apply from the headshot sketch, but the donation for an inked pic becomes $13 - $14

Fifteen (15) to Twenty-One (21) Cans for the Whole Shebang

The caffeine in my veins flows to the point where I can draw your character's entire body! $19 - $21 makes the image inked.

More rewards will be added if someone ever donates more than that, but for now, this is a great place to start. I look forward to talking to your guys again - I'll see you soon!